Thursday, May 13, 2010

Political Statements

In Illinois this week, a basketball team was told that they couldn't go to Arizona for their National Championship because they wanted to keep the kids safe. Over in California, a band was going to go march in the Fiesta Bowl parade and was told that they couldn't go either. Both of these were in response to the Arizona Immigration law. These two states used the youth to make a political statement.

The idea of the Progressives is to penalize those who have success. They'll hand out trophies for coming in last, but if you work hard and make your way to a national stage, you're penalized for doing so. Both of these cases are no different from the boycott of the 1980 summer olympics in Moscow. These athletes worked hard for years to get to a point like these and they were told no because someone wanted to make a political statement.

They couldn't simply say that they didn't support the law. They had to go and hurt the youth and try to make a leap in their political career. I can sympathize with the band students in California because I'm in band. I worked hard for five months through the heat, rain, snow, and wind to get to that national platform. If I had been told I couldn't because someone was trying to make a political statement, I'd have felt mad.

But once again indoctrination is at work. Perhaps unintentionally but they are teaching these kids that hard work gets you no where. That if you succeed you will suffer for it. That it's easier to sit back and let the government handle everything and do as they say. It is time to reeducate the youth on what America really is and what the founder originally intended. It's time to stand up and take hold of our liberty in the future.

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