Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day

This weekend is Memorial Day. Now before I get off on how our President isn't going to honor this day, I want to a special thanks to all the men and women who risk their lives every day for 300,000,000 strangers every day. Also a special thanks to their families and to the families and service members of those who's loved ones didn't make it home. It is for these people who we fight for freedom and liberty here at home. Now for the history of Memorial Day.

After the Civil War, many communities set aside a day to remember those who had died in the war. On May 5, 1866, and each year after, it got its first real observance in Waterloo, New York. On May 5, 1868, in his capacity as commander-in-chief of the Grand Army of the Republic, a veterans' organization, General John A. Logan issued a proclamation that "Decoration Day" be observed nationwide. It was observed for the first time on May 30 of the same year; the date was chosen because it was not the anniversary of a battle.

Many of the states of the U.S. South refused to celebrate Decoration Day, due to lingering hostility towards the Union Army and also because there were relatively few veterans of the Union Army who were buried in the South. A notable exception was Columbus, Mississippi, which on April 25, 1866, at its Decoration Day commemorated both the Union and Confederate casualties buried in its cemetery.

The alternative name of "Memorial Day" was first used in 1882. It did not become more common until after World War II, and was not declared the official name by Federal law until 1967. On June 28, 1968, the United States Congress passed the Uniform Holidays Bill, which moved three holidays from their traditional dates to a specified Monday in order to create a convenient three-day weekend. The holidays included Washington's Birthday, now celebrated as Presidents' Day; Veterans Day and Memorial Day. The change moved Memorial Day from its traditional May 30 date to the last Monday in May. The law took effect at the federal level in 1971.

Now every President in the past has gone to Arlington Cemetary on Memorial Day. But now President Obama has decided to take a vacation and a tour of the oil spill on this sacred day. Once again he thumbs his nose at the military and disrespect them, their families, and all in this land that they died for. This is not the act of an American President but the act of a Progressive President who doesn't believe in America but believes in a one world government.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

United States of Mexico?

With the arrival of Mexican President Felipe Calderon, came many slams to the Arizona Immigration Law not only in a press conference but in our own Congress. The Mexican President made an address to a joint session of Congress where he talked about Mexico working on making a crack down on the drug cartels and guns but also about how we should pass a "comprehensive immigration reform", otherwise known as Amnesty.

Never in our history have we allowed a leader, or anyone else, from another country come in our country and go in our Congress and tell them what they should and shouldn't do. What effort has Mexico made to stop these Illegals? Nothing. But then to tell us what to do, to tell our elected officials to ignore the people who elected you and listen to me, that is what Global Government is. No one stepped up to defend Arizona and it's right as a sovereign state to make its own laws that mirror that of the Federal Government.

What's even more shaking is the fact that not a single Representative or Senator walked out of this mockery of an address. They all sat quietly without objection. I can understand politeness and such but when someone who has no say in our affairs, especially in our states, comes in and tells us to do something and that we're just bad people, politeness goes out the door. WALK OUT.

It is acts like this that our government continues to allow and then apologize for us being America. For us being free and actually standing against tyranny. It is time we stand up and say no to these leaders of other nations. It's time we tell them that we no longer apologize and that we will stand up for our country and our states.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Political Statements

In Illinois this week, a basketball team was told that they couldn't go to Arizona for their National Championship because they wanted to keep the kids safe. Over in California, a band was going to go march in the Fiesta Bowl parade and was told that they couldn't go either. Both of these were in response to the Arizona Immigration law. These two states used the youth to make a political statement.

The idea of the Progressives is to penalize those who have success. They'll hand out trophies for coming in last, but if you work hard and make your way to a national stage, you're penalized for doing so. Both of these cases are no different from the boycott of the 1980 summer olympics in Moscow. These athletes worked hard for years to get to a point like these and they were told no because someone wanted to make a political statement.

They couldn't simply say that they didn't support the law. They had to go and hurt the youth and try to make a leap in their political career. I can sympathize with the band students in California because I'm in band. I worked hard for five months through the heat, rain, snow, and wind to get to that national platform. If I had been told I couldn't because someone was trying to make a political statement, I'd have felt mad.

But once again indoctrination is at work. Perhaps unintentionally but they are teaching these kids that hard work gets you no where. That if you succeed you will suffer for it. That it's easier to sit back and let the government handle everything and do as they say. It is time to reeducate the youth on what America really is and what the founder originally intended. It's time to stand up and take hold of our liberty in the future.

Friday, May 7, 2010


This week in Morgan Hill, California, 5 students were sent home from Oak High School for wearing American Flag T-shirts and bandannas on Cinco de Mayo. Assistant Principal Miguel Rodriguez asked them to remove the bandannas and they complied when he asked them to accompany him to his office. They were told to turn their shirts inside out or be suspended. The boys politely told Rodriguez that doing so would be disrespectful. Rodriguez then proceeded to call their parents to send them home. His reason was he didn't want fights breaking out between Mexican-Americans and the boys because that day was sensitive to Mexican-Americans because it's suppose to be their holiday. Even though one of the boys is half-Mexican.

For one, we're all Americans, no matter where you're from. Then, since when in America can we not display our own colors. It's bad enough telling someone else they can't but now we can't even show our own because "it's someone else's holiday"? If you want to show your heritage, show it every day and not on just one day.

We've seen this happen before with the three Navy Seals that were tried for a terrorist getting a bloody lip. We've seen it when our own people are treated as terrorist and then we give the real terrorist tax paid lawyers. And in this case, they are once again attacking the youth and saying that it's wrong to be patriotic. They don't have to go after the one's who currently have the ability to think for themselves and understand. All they have to do is get the future under their hold and then they can rule all.

We have to educate the youth on liberty, freedom, and what the founders created. We have to teach them about the evils of tyranny.When I do the Pledge of Allegiance in school, I watch as many stay seated and don't take the pledge, and then others that just joke around. We have to educate why these things are important. We have to ensure that the future is secure with liberty and not tyranny.