Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Rights of Man

Our founding fathers believe in the rights of man. Europe believed in the rights of men. A lot of difference with one letter. The rights of man is the right of the individual while the rights of men is the rights and wellness of the collective over the individual. The rights of man is the needs of the one out weighs the needs of the many.

If it were not for this ideal, we would not of had America and the documents that lead us as a nation today. At the time, this was a radical idea. It had been attempted but always done wrong, never looking out for the individual. The founders found a way to make it work. They created a Constitutional Representative Republic. They looked to many different systems throughout history, and took a lesson from each one that helped form what we call the Constitution.

James Madison is known as the father of the Constitution, and rightly so. He was influenced by the Federalist Papers which Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and himself wrote. He received over 200 books from his long time friend Thomas Jefferson who was in France at the time. It was influences like these that gave him the idea for the Virginia Plan and later the Constitution.

The Constitution was a work of genius, but some believed it was a missing a confirmation of those individual rights. After 2 years, the Bill of Rights was added. The Constitution combined with the Bill of Rights created a system that no nation has been able to match. Many have tried, and America has attempted to help along the way, but none have come close. We are fortunate to have been blessed with these founders and the ideals that they had and came up with. It is these ideals that created the slogan that was displayed on our first unofficial national flag. "DON'T TREAD ON ME".

Thursday, March 25, 2010

No Where Near The Time

Many people have been accused these past days of threats. I don't believe these stories to be true, merely lies to poke at the Tea Parties to get a reaction. They want revolution so that they can put in martial law and whatever else they want to throw in.

The founders did many things before they had to take up arms. They protested the unfair taxes. They had their slogan "NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION". They held the Boston Tea Party. Even after the Boston massacre they didn't take up their arms. They Declared their Independence after many letters of protest back to England and the King.

It wasn't until Paul Revere road through the streets yelling "THE BRITISH ARE COMING, THE BRITISH ARE COMING" that they had to take up their arms in defense. We are no where near that point and God willing we never will be. The founders gave us the Bill of Rights which guaranteed that we wouldn't have to take up our arms against the government on our soil. They made sure we could peacefully protest and petition the government.

They gave us the greatest power in the world, the power to vote who got in there. We've fallen asleep at the wheel and they've taken control. We still hold the power though. Many people will say remember in November. This is true, but July is just as important. If we don't get the right people in July, we'll have the lesser of 2 evils in November.

We will not raise up our arms and storm the capital as they are hoping. We will continue to stand on the lawn, holding our signs. We will continue to unite for the fight and chant as our founders did "DON'T TREAD ON ME".

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Now What?

With Health Care Reform passed, many will ask themselves "Now What"? The Health Care Reform was merely a battle in the large battle. Now we focus on the State legislators as well as up coming elections. 38 states have legislation currently underway to opt out of Obamacare. 2 of those 38 have already passed their legislation.

Florida and Virginia have said that they will file lawsuits against the reform on bases of unconstitutionality. The Senate is also investigating a rules violation since Reconciliation can only be used on revenue bills. Do not give up hope or the will to fight, this war is far from over. We must continue in our great struggle, many things can happen from the acts above.

All else fails, do not follow the bill. It is an unconstitutional law and thus we do not have to follow it. But, I feel it will not come to that. We will win the battle against the bill as well as the war. The Congressmen and Senators have shown their true colors and have shown us who will need to find a new job.

I urge everyone to call the Democrats that did vote against the bill and thank them for doing what is right and standing up for our rights. We will remember in November. We must continue to fight to restore the system our founding fathers gave us. We must to continue to tell them "DON'T TREAD ON ME".

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Day Upon US

The day has been set. Sunday is the day that history will remember, but it's only a battle in the war. The war will continue on. George Washington lost every battle in the Revolution until he crossed the Delaware. This bill is not about Health Care, it's about power and money.

Do not think that if this passes that it's all over, it's long from over. We will not give up without a fight, we will not go quietly into the night. We will still be here fighting for our freedoms. They will think they have us beat but they will be sadly mistaken. They will dread the day they went after the rattle snake.

We've given them the warning, the rattling of our tail. If they decide to continue stepping on us, we will bite back, not with violence but with our voice and our votes. They will wish that they had listened to us for all that time. They will wish that they had done the right thing and gone by the Constitution. We are no longer asleep and we won't be going back. We are here and watching.

So now you have a choice you politicians in DC. You can either follow the Constitution and the American people or you can vote yes and suffer the consequences. We are watching and we are yelling at the top of our lungs, "KILL THE BILL". And we will continue to yell on forever, "DON'T TREAD ON ME".

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Looming Doom

For over a year now, there has been a looming doom in DC that everyone in the world has been watching, Health Care Reform. After many trashed, 2,000 page, bills, DC thinks it finally has the right one. Well, the people of America think otherwise.

Through the year, with town hall meetings and many calls and e-mails, the American people have shown time and again that they do not want this horrible bill. It has been shown many times that it is unconstitutional. Health Care is not in the powers of Congress and thus it is given to the states and the people to decide, not Congress.

They don’t get it nor do they listen because it benefits them. It gives them more control over our lives. With one step comes another. That is why around 36 states have put into action legislation that will allow their citizens to opt out of “Obama-care”. 11 states have already passed it and many more on the way.

There have been many examples of this socialized health care in France, Canada, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Veteran Care, and Indian Care. All of them failing and all of them puting the systems in huge amounts of debt. How can we sustain this plan if we are already in a budget crisis.

It’s time to stand up even more now. Flood your representatives calls and emails telling them that you don’t want it. Tell them what our founders said to England over 200 years ago, “DON’T TREAD ON ME”.